54 -UCP-30 — VIEW ALL LISTINGS AND 1,000’S MORE ONLINE: www.Move2Oregon.com 1month before • Make reservations for moving services & make a list of all items to be moved •Notify creditors etc. of your move. Begin submit- ting change of address forms to them & to your local post office. • Send/email announce- ments to friends, relatives •If you have children, be sure to request all of the necessary documents for transferring schools. • Gather all important personal documents, medical/dental records, insurance policies, etc. • Begin packaging sel- dom-used items. Consider holding a garage sale &/or donate those items you won’t be moving. • Arrange connect & disconnect dates with telephone, cable/ satellite/ internet service providers & utility companies. 2weeks before •Clear up any outstanding accounts. •Transfer checking & savings accounts to your new location. • Return borrowed items including library books & retrieve loaned items. • Arrange for pet travel, if necessary. • Cancel/transfer any membership fees or prescriptions (ask your doctor for assistance). • Service your car - especially if traveling any distance and/or moving to a new climate • Dispose of flammable liquids such as spray paints, solvents, & gas in lawn mowers, etc. • To avoid costly deposits, request “Perfect Payment Record” letters from your utility compa- nies. • If you’re planning to stop overnight, be sure to make reservations for accommodations for you, your family & your pet(s). 1week before • Clean appliances - don’t forget to clean the oven & defrost the refrigerator. •Start packing clothes. Remember to prepare “arrival kits” of items you’ll need when you get to your new home (toiletries, tp, medicines, paper plates, snacks, phone/ electronic device chargers, etc.). •Pick-up dry cleaning, if necessary. • If moving into a pre- owned home, make sure the locks on all the doors have been changed. Moving Day • Double check all the shelves, closets, cabinets to make sure nothing is left behind. Look through the garage, attic & basement. • Turn off all lights, close & lock windows & doors. •Leave the keys with your REALTOR®. • At your new home, make sure the circuit breakers & gas/pilot lights are all on. • Make sure your wi-fi/tele- phone/cable/satellite/inter- net services are working. Moving Checklist Moving Checklist Because moving to your “Dream Home” shouldn’t seem like a “Nightmare” RE/MAX Ultimate Coastal Properties 541-425-7494 • Toll Free: 1-855-300-5908 www.ILoveCoastalOregon.com