Are You Serious About Selling Your Home or Property?  Don’t Take It Off The Market During The Holidays!

Why Winter Time is the best time to sell your home.

Much less competition! Many home sellers will take their properties off the market during the holidays & winter months. This will give you and your Realtor the advantage of having fewer competing properties.

Interest rates are still at record lows. Who knows what they will be 5-6 months down the line?

Tax Benefits! A house marketed in November & December may lure buyers looking for year-end tax breaks. Buyers looking to lower their taxes may snatch up a home late in the year so they can deduct home purchase costs. That includes points, interest and property taxes.

If someone sold a house during the traditional summer selling season and faces capital gains tax on the deal (because they’re an investor or lived in the house for fewer than two years), they may be highly motivated to buy in November or December since closing on the purchase of another house within 180 days lets them avoid paying capital gains tax.

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The Holiday Season is the best time for showing your home or property. Most homes are gaily decorated and have the scents of the season — cookies baking, a fire in the fireplace, the fresh smell of a pine tree. All of this, mixed with the coziness of your home, provide a positive & lasting image.

During the winter many serious out-of-state buyers come to enjoy our seasonal festivities, and/or to see how harsh our winters may be. They are usually surprised to see how mild our weather actually is. Also, Oregon offers many winter festivities which attract tourists who find our region so attractive they want to move here!

Your Realtor has a momentum going you may not realize. They have devoted time and effort preparing your documents and materials and have (more than likely) spent a lot time and out-of- pocket expense marketing your home. To pull your property off the market during the winter takes away that momentum and takes your property “out-of-the-loop” of the buyers keeping a close eye on the winter market. The whole process and momentum will have to start over again in the spring.

The Internet. No matter what the season is, is available 24/7, 365 days a year! With it’s #1 ranking on all of the major search engines & strategic placements, receives 1,000’s of visitors each day and 100’s of magazine orders - all searching for Oregon real estate! When your Realtor advertises your property in the Move2Oregon Magazine, it automatically goes onto the website + shared with multiple Social Media sites.

In my 30+ years of publishing real estate magazines in Oregon I have gotten to know who the serious “Full Time” Realtors are. They have told me the winter months are their busiest selling season of all! The above reasons are why! Editorial by Cynthia Spry, Publisher