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Rob Jellesed  -  Coldwell Banker Pro West Real Estate
Licensed Oregon Broker
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Licensed Residential & Commercial Broker


Whether it is commercial or residential properties you are looking for, I can help make your dreams come true. I can help you identify a strategic path to achieve greater success and avoid costly pitfalls.

I do this by using my product knowledge, strategic awareness of hurdles to overcome and following a sequential process developed personally for you. Sometimes I provide a gentle push in the back at the right time to get you off of dead center and moving with diligence toward the path of self betterment.


I love fishing, both fly and bait fishing on the coast for salmon and in the mountain lakes and streams for trophy trout. Being a former Fisheries Biologist, I have a wealth of cocktail trivia about game fish, their habits and the world they live in.

I live in the beautiful community of Rocky Point. The Upper Klamath Lake Wildlife refuge is outside my front door. My neighbors include the migratory birds, river otters and beavers.

My kids are grown up and out the door, although they occasionally come back to visit. They have fond memories of kayaking on the refuge, swimming off the boat docks and fishing in Pelican Bay.

This community and the surrounding environment is a great place to settle down, raise kids and retire gracefully. It’s an undiscovered gem of a place.

I’ve spent most of my adult life living in corporate America. I am grateful for the world that surrounds me now. Whatever your dreams are, let me know. I can help you make them a reality.

P.S. Parrot-head spoken here.